June 24, 2018

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When They Say We’re Not Hiring

“We’re not hiring.”

That’s a phrase that a lot of recruiters are hearing when they cold call for business in this recession. So when they hear it, most of them sheepishly say thank you and agree to call when things get better and are glad to get off the phone and on to another call.

I’d be willing to bet that at least a third of those companies who offer that response have possible openings that they aren’t sharing with the recruiter who cold called them.

Why aren’t they sharing it? Because they are already users of our services, but with another search firm.

To start to uncover needs of a prospective client, it takes more than just a two minute cold call pitch about your services. Before you use any sort of magical scripted phrase to uncover needs, there are three requisites of your new relationship before you can go forward:

  1. They believe you can solve their problems. You have proven to them that you have what it takes to provide value to them. And a lot of times you have to sift and uncover this future value, both tangible and perceived.

  2. They trust you. Their intuition tells them that you are safe and honest.

  3. They like you. There is a common bond and a chemistry between the two of you.

- Scott Love

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