June 19, 2018

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Gary Stauble’s 2 Minute Recruiting - Staying Motivated

Question #1:

Sometimes it seems I just do not want to get started in the morning, how can I get and stay motivated?

  • Love it or delegate it: This is a tough business and the people who excel are those who find something about the work that they love and can become energized by day after day. You don’t have to love every bit of the business but you do have to find a way to connect your passion to it if you want to enjoy your work and flourish over time. If there are parts of the business you loathe, pay someone to do those parts so that you can focus on the aspects of the business that inspire you.

  • Don’t try to be an expert at everything: If you measure expertise on a subject on a scale of 1-10 (10 being the highest) and you find that you’re a 6 in some areas and a 9 or in 10 in others, you may want to abandon the ones that you’re mediocre at and focus where you can become a superstar. This is the opposite of what most people assume to be the correct approach. So you’re not trying to become “slightly better than average at all things” but rather an expert at the things that you’re best suited to do well.

  • Make a list of the things that you love and that are highly profitable (this is your new job descriptions) as well as a list of those tasks that you dread or that don’t lead to revenue. Give the second list to an assistant, researcher or support person and tell them that this is their new job description.

  • Find an accountability partner to keep you on track and motivated. In my Recruiters Roundtable program we do our best to connect owners and recruiters who want to work with a partner to find that extra spark, that connection or competition to push themselves harder than they would on their own. In my own life, I’ve worked with accountability partners for the last five years and it’s made a huge difference in my business.

  • Create a morning ritual that energizes you: I’m a strong believer in pre-meditating the very first part of your day to ensure that you get off to a strong start. If you show up for work rushed, stressed and tired, you’re not going to be exited to be there. If you show up calm, refreshed and energized, you’re going to be set up for success. Take time to really plan out what you’ll do each day before 8:30 AM.

  • Find you passion somewhere else: Perhaps its rock climbing, a safari you want to take, a 4 day work week, backpacking, etc that will bring new energy and vitality to your life. Use that new vitality as fuel for your work life- it works!

  • It’s ok quit: If you really don’t feel motivated by the work of a recruiter or don’t enjoy owning a firm then perhaps you should move on to something else. Life’s too short to not enjoy what you’re going to be doing 50 hours a week. If you’re in the wrong business, cut your losses and find something you can be passionate about.


What do you think about the idea of expanding into providing services to candidates - coaching them secure their dream job for a fee?

  • For most people this is a bad idea. As I said previously, focusing on what you love and what brings in revenue is critical and this requires focused intensity. I’m aware of many firms that have tried expanding into candidate-paid services in recent years but I can’t name very many that have turned it into a viable profit center.

  • The problem is that you’re dealing with a customer base that is always changing (someone who’s looking for a job today will be off the market tomorrow) so there’s not really an opportunity for long term growth with your candidates in this type of business. It would be a business based on constant “churn”.

  • If you want to test out the idea, do it with a fixed rate package such as, “$995 for resume review and…” rather than an hourly rate.

  • If you’re thinking of creating a product for job seekers, try reselling someone’s existing product first as a test to see how many units you actually sell.

  • Be sure to get back on the phone as soon as possible and do what’s closest to the real dollars.

- Gary Stauble

Gary Stauble is the principal consultant for The Recruiting Lab. He provides recruiting professionals with the training and tools to make more placements with less effort. He offers a Complimentary Special Report on his website entitled, “$1 Million Time Management”. In the report, Gary outlines 9 Time Management Secrets of a $1 Million Producer. Get your copy now at