June 23, 2018

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Follow These Ten Tips to Increase your Productivity- Part 2

  1. Multi-tasking is a bad habit: Multi-tasking should be avoided during work hours, it decreases your productivity. Though, few people are good with it, still itís better to do one work at one time. You lose focus and interest when you multi-task and you even tend to forget things. Thus itís better to concentrate and finish one task than moving further.

  2. Limit your web surfing time: Browsing unnecessarily will be a hindrance in your work. You can do it occasionally and take a break. But make sure, you limit your browsing time and concentrate more on your work.

  3. Avoid distractions: When you are at work avoid distractions. Donít hang out with your coworkers in the pantry area most often. You can do it occasionally, but donít make it a habit to gossip. Donít check personal stuff at your office, you can do it during breaks. Thus avoid these small distractions; this can lead you to more productivity at work.

  4. Be straightforward: Itís important to be straightforward at your work. You need to learn to say NO. Itís much needed and itís the toughest thing to do. Donít commit to things, that you cannot do it thus be practical and say a straightforward no. This will help you to enhance your productivity.

  5. Go for a power nap: Many studies have shown that power nap increases efficiency and productivity. A short nap can surely help you to focus more on your work and make you feel fresh and energized. But make sure you donít sleep for more than 20 minutes, limit your nap time or else it will lead you to trouble.

These ten tips can help you to increase your productivity and be the best employee of your company. Follow them to reach your future goals easily.

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