May 27, 2018

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9 Strategies For Overcoming Cold Call Reluctance- Part 2

It’s important to remember that call reluctance is an “inner roadblock” so the cure will be different for each person. Here is Part 2 that will help you or your staff to get out of procrastination and into action.

5. Choose prospects or companies that you feel good about calling: If you are experiencing call reluctance, be sure to follow this step in your attempt to improve your calling behavior. Try to learn a little something about your prospect and his company before calling him, and then mention this knowledge when you make your sales call. Work in specialties that you feel passionate about so that you are excited about speaking to your prospects.

6. Expect some rejection: If you expect some rejection, you won’t be shocked and deflated when it occurs. If you are doing your job and making things happen you will experience a certain amount of rejection. So just accept it and don’t let it throw you.

7. Prospect in a style that is congruent with your values and personality: Don’t use a script that makes you feel like a used car salesman. Allow your quirks and sense of humor to come through. Don’t be a robot.

8. Have an “accountability partner” or coach: Work with a co-worker or friend who can be your partner and who you will report your daily activity to. Work with a coach who can help you to create some structure and accountability.

9. Review your primary goals daily: If you have a big enough “Why” then the “How” becomes much easier: What are your goals? How will they benefit you? Take a moment each day to feel the positive feelings of these goals coming to fruition.

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