May 28, 2018

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For Salespeople: Turn Your Weakness into an Advantage

What would it be like if your greatest weakness in selling became your advantage?

Several years ago, I addressed a chapter of NAIFA, the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors. It was a sharp crowd of seasoned sales veterans. I asked them to spend a few minutes discussing their biggest sales challenge with each other.

We discussed trends in the market, rebuttals, and other ways to close the sale with prospects. One fellow was brave enough to state that he felt his own lack of experience was a weakness. “I've only been in the business just a few years. How can I compete in a region that has many more experienced representatives?”

“Use it to your advantage,” I said. “When people ask how long you've been in the business, tell them this:

'Long enough to bring substantial value but not long enough to have bad habits, and that everyday I have to earn my stripes.'

"If they have an issue with it, tell them that your relatively new entry into the business is the very reason why they should go with you instead of somebody else: you will take more care in developing the account. In other words, the inexperience that you have is the very reason why they should work with you, because you will work harder to bring value to them."

Follow these questions to turn your disadvantage into your advantage. Once you start thinking this way, you will see your limitations as opportunities and you will learn how to overcome objections with much more confidence and enthusiasm. In your next sales training meeting, go around the room and have each sales rep answer the following questions. Seek input from the group and ideas from them:

1. What is my biggest sales challenge?

2. Why is it a deficit or disadvantage?

3. What are three action steps I can take to improve in that area?

4. How can I turn it around and actually use this weakness to my advantage as a strength?

If you do not work in an office with other sales professionals then take those questions and dedicate a page for each in your journal. You already have the answers inside of you. This helps draw them out.

By thinking in terms of leveraging your weaknesses to your advantage, you will have no weakness. You will become strong and invincible, and in the world of sales that means everything.

Copyright © 2014 Scott Love

Scott Love is an expert on influence and high level selling. In addition to running a successful legal search firm, he is a popular keynote speaker at sales meetings for all types of sales organizations. Companies that want to increase their influence with high-level prospects will hire him to speak at their sales meetings and conventions. To learn more how you can gain more influence with high level clients, visit his website at