May 28, 2018

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A Silent Night is NOT a Marketing Strategy

That frantic time between turkey dinners and New Yearís horns goes by in one quick flash every year. One second youíre looking up pumpkin pie recipes, and the next youíre cleaning glitter and confetti out of every inch of your holiday best. With so much happening in such a small span of time, making the effort to continue your marketing program can seem not only unfathomable, but also like shouting into a void. Who reads your emails between the 30 different ďBlack Friday Blackout Black Ice 200% Off SaleĒ headlines?

The fact is, yes, marketing still works around the holidays. Even if it isnít a big, flashy campaign. People still need the services you offer. So keeping that in mind, here are three tips for marketing around the holidays.

1. Know Your Audience Are you catering to people who need something specific this time of year? Are they about to face a seasonal boom in business? Or are they job seekers who, like many college students, are graduating after the fall semester? These two groups vary dramatically, and will be both looking for very different resources from you. But the one similarity is that they will BOTH need the resources you offer.

2. Plan Around Absences While we are fairly candid about the fact that there is no magic time of day or week to send an email, there are certainly times we would discourage you from mailing. Chances are, higher-ups and executive recruiters arenít going to be in their office every Friday evening at 5 p.m. during the holidays. And they, nor candidates will probably answer an email sent on Thanksgiving morning or New Yearís Eve either. Realize that there will be days that just donít work for people, and plan your strategy around them.

3. BE CONSISTENT Youíre busy, we all get it. But are you too busy to care about your clients and candidates? Of course not. And theyíre not too busy to want good candidates or find new job opportunities, either. Communication and marketing is a two-way street, and if you turn into a dead end around the holidays, you can nearly guarantee they will drive their business over to someone else.

Donít give up on your strategy just because itís a busy time of year. Your voice, and what you have to offer your clients and customers is as important now as it ever was. Talk to our team of marketing experts if you want to know more about how to best manage your marketing strategy.

Mackenzie Froese

Haley Marketing