June 24, 2018

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Six Steps for Success When You Have a New Search

1. Create a manila folder for each search assignment for paper docs to go in, notes that you write out when you took the search, printed versions of candidate resumes, etc. Get a label maker and use that to make all labels for folders so they look neat and organized. Put the agreement in that folder for easy reference.

2. After you take the specs of the search, ask them who their hands off list is. which companies they do not want you to recruit from (joint venture partners, etc).

3. Also ask who their wish list is. Ďwhich companies would you love to see candidates from?í

4. If itís a detailed or complex search, write up a summary of the specs of the search and email it to them to review and make sure you are not missing anything.

5. Then build a list of companies. Iíve done this via web (printing out from state trade association directories) and also hand written (from old fashioned hunt and peck research). I would then telephone source from these companies and build a hand-written call list that way.

6. I would also recommend using other sources such as linked in, etc. But if you do this, make sure you donít spend too much time just looking at info on the web. Schedule your research time and your call times and make sure that you donít let the internet drain your time. It has a way of keeping you lulled into research, and can make you want to avoid making calls.

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