May 27, 2018

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10 Rules for Tech Recruiting -Part1

As any job seeker or IT Recruiter knows, technology now dominates the job search process. Here are 10 rules for sourcing the very best you can find.

1. Respect Software Engineers & IT professionalís privacy, they do not like getting spammed or emailed about every job you are working on. Do your homework and only contact candidates that after doing some research on them provides evidence they may be a great fit.

2. Learn the lingo. If you are working on a search assignment and you donít know what the difference between Javascript & Java are, again do your homework on what exactly what the technology your company uses or what functions or specific work it will be used for.

3. Relationship building is very important. You are not going to find someone to get interested or engaged in your opportunity by just sending them an email. Find out more about them before you approach them and find out what they like and do not like.

4. Screening Candidates is important but think outside the box when you are talking to them instead of the boilerplate questions. E.g. Instead of asking do you have 5 years of experience with Java ask what applications they have built using Java, what do you like or dislike about using the technology.

5. Finding passive candidates. There are so many tools out there today that you try everything. If your still relying on using monster, careerbuilder and presenting people that are just out there looking for jobs and not working you are doing your company, employee's and stakeholders a disservice.

Author: David H

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