June 24, 2018

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Tips to Start Off Your Year

Must...get...moving. Too...much...turkey. Must...move...faster…

Does this describe the way you feel now right after the holidays? Me, too. Yeah, I had too much turkey, too much chocolate, and one too many slices of pumpkin pie. Santa was good to me and I'm paying the price for it, darn it. I think we're all a little softer, a little slower, and a little bit...(dare I say it?)...heavier. Heavier in the motivation department, that is. Vacations are beneficial for us because they allow us to decompress, which is the primary means of coping with stress. Don't even think about becoming successful in the world of selling without down time. But here's the challenge that you have, and I want you to start thinking about it before the end of the holidays: how to get motivated and start a year of production all over again.

Here are five tips to jump-start your production and blast off to bigger billings in the new year:

  1. Get your goals in place for 2004. (Be sure to read next week's column which features a complete mini-system of goal-setting.) For now, ask yourself this question: What is the single most important thing I must accomplish this year?

  2. For the month of January, make a list of the major tasks that you want to accomplish. Even if you're at home and all you can find are crayons that you just gave your kid, then pull them back out of the stocking and use them to make a list. Ask yourself this question: "What are my three most important objectives that I wish to accomplish for the month of January?"

  3. Do the same thing for the first week back in the office: "What are my three most important objectives that I wish to accomplish for the first week of January?"

  4. Spend fifteen minutes today journaling about your success for next year. Tomorrow, spend ten minutes journaling about your success for the month of January. Write down what it looks like in the future. What does it feel like to accomplish your goals? What are the rewards you wish to give yourself when you accomplish them? What emotions will you experience once you hit your targets?

  5. Tomorrow, spend five minutes answering these question in your journal: "What are the three major deficits that exist within me that could keep me from reaching my goals this year and for the month of January? How can I overcome them? How can I use them to my advantage?"

By spending just a few small minutes thinking strategically, you can then hit the deck running by knowing that a plan is in place for you to accelerate your production from the very minute you arrive in the office.

-Scott Love
Copyright © 2003 Scott Love
Scott Love improves the production of recruiters and recruiting managers, even in a down economy. He is published more than any other trainer in the industry, is the author of two books, and has a monthly column in The Fordyce Letter. He is the only industry trainer who is a member of the National Speakers Association. He can be reached at 828-225-7700. His free website has over 50 free articles and free downloads to help recruiters bill more: