June 24, 2018

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Recruiters Beware

Job seekers are hungry! They’re eagerly looking for any job they can get. They’ve caught a whiff of the improving economy and they want their share. Now!

Employers are hungry. They see the economy heating up and want to get people on-board now so they will be able to meet the needs as the market energizes.

This is the time for professional recruiters to slow down just a little bit in the race to get those jobs filled and get those fine applicants on-board. Hiring a lot of the wrong people just to get bodies in the door can be corporate suicide. Concentrate on the quality, not the quantity, no matter how many people management tells you they need in a big hurry.

More and more is being said these days about employee retention being the #1 challenge that keeps employers awake at night. If you hire the wrong people, the employer will be forced to invest a tremendous amount of resources trying to retain people that shouldn’t have been hired in the first place.

The message is clearly, "hire carefully."

-Roger Herman

Roger Herman is a Strategic Workforce Futurist and specialist in employee retention. CEO of The Herman Group in Greensboro, NC (, he is author or co-author of 11 books. His titles include How to Become an Employer of Choice and Impending Crisis: Too Many Jobs, Too Few People, and Keeping Good People. Mr. Herman is frequently cited in the news media and is a sought after speaker on workforce and trends topics.