June 24, 2018

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Challenges and Solutions

Relationship marketing process offers solutions to so many of the problems challenging the staffing industry today. Here’s an overview of how we can help.

Staffing Challenge - Recruiting

Relationship Marketing Solutions:

-Build relationships with referral sources and applicants directly.
-Actively solicit referrals on a consistent basis.

Staffing Challenge - Growth

Relationship Marketing Solutions:

-Keep sales reps focused on their most important clients and prospects.
-Make sure your smaller clients don’t feel forgotten.
-Expand your network of contacts within client companies. This will help you keep out competitors, and increase the business you get from each client.

Staffing Challenge - Differentiation, Competition

Relationship Marketing Solutions:

-Few staffing services have relationship marketing programs in place. In fact, most have no formal marketing program at all.
-Relationship marketing focuses on clients’ challenge, interests and needs. It demonstrates your understanding of your clients, and a commitment to helping them meet their goals.
-The soft-sell approach removes sales barriers.
-Over time, the program tells and demonstrates all the things that make your organization unique.
-Relationship marketing will keep your company top-of-mind with clients and prospects alike.

Staffing Challenge - Applicant Retention

Relationship Marketing Solutions:

-Teach your employees how to work closely with you to stay steadily employed and get the best jobs.
-Strengthen your relationships with applicants.

Staffing Challenge - Adding Value

Relationship Marketing Solutions:

-Mailings focus on the problems, concerns and interests of recipients. We will provide you with great information to share with clients and prospects.
-The content of these articles is provided by world-class business leaders and professional speakers.
-Mailings provide opportunities for meaningful conversations with recipients, such as how staffing will really solve problems they’re facing.
-The program will educate clients as to how they can maximize the value of the staffing services they use.

Staffing Challenge - Driving Out Cost

Relationship Marketing Solutions:

-Improve your sales efficiency by increasing closing ratios. In addition, the program will free your reps to focus on face-to-face time with their most important clients and prospects.
-Increase your customer retention, and reduce the expense of obtaining new business.
-Reduce your cost per applicant by generating more and higher quality referrals.
-Decrease your need for high cost, low value servicing activities such as dropping off reports.

Staffing Challenge - Sales & Marketing

Relationship Marketing Solutions:

-Haley Marketing will develop and implement a formal relationship marketing plan for you.
-When you contract with us, you have access to our marketing expertise and resources for: planning, research, relationship marketing, presentations, recruiting, etc.

Sales Challenges - Reaching Higher Level Decision Makers

Relationship Marketing Solutions:

-Mailings can be addressed to any level decision maker.
-Open doors with senior level executives by focusing on their needs - not on selling staffing.
-This form of communication is personal, so it gets read.

Sales Challenges - Maintaining Focus

Relationship Marketing Solutions:

-Relationship marketing allows reps to concentrate their efforts on their best clients and prospects. It frees up more of your reps’ time, so they can maintain focus on revenue-generating activities.
-Reduce the need for non-productive servicing and “schmoozing” activities.
-Help your reps stay focused on their clients’ agendas.
-Reduce or even eliminate the need for cold calling.

Sales Challenges - Persistence(keeping in touch)

Relationship Marketing Solutions:

-Relationship marketing will keep your company top-of-mind with clients and prospects.
-"Warm-up" prospects. Monthly mailings will help you get past prospects’ initial "No’s".
-Because the process is fully automated, it ensures you and your reps will follow-up with recipients every month.

Sales Challenges - Finding Reasons to Call on Clients and Prospects

Relationship Marketing Solutions:

-Monthly mailings have attachments that can be the basis for great business discussions.
-The process provides ample opportunities for value-added follow-up.

Sales Challenges - Developing More Relationships: new clients (prospecting)and more contacts in existing clients

Relationship Marketing Solutions:

-It is painless to add new prospects and clients to your relationship marketing program.
-The process will build relationships by adding value and keeping in touch every month.
-Relationship marketing is not time-consuming. It allows you to communicate with a large number of people on a regular basis with a minimal time investment.
-It is an ideal way to open new doors within client companies. In fact, your recipients will often share the articles and information you send with other managers and employees.

-David Searns

Haley Marketing Group
Over the past eight years Haley Marketing has helped hundreds of staffing companies to stand out from the competition, capture the attention of higher level decision makers, teach people about the strategic value of staffing, and nurture relationships with clients, prospects and candidates. They offer a wide-range of services to fit the needs (and budgets) of all kinds of staffing companies. From direct mail and e-mail campaigns, to web sites and custom marketing strategies, they can provide the support you a price you can afford.