May 27, 2018

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You’re Fired!

If you are a fan of “The Apprentice” you have heard these words once a week for the past couple of months. Everyone waits in great anticipation for the firing event. Every time they enter the boardroom I imagine myself there in their shoes. How would it feel to be reviewed weekly for your past work? I asked myself this question: Would I be fired?

Am I making excuses, coming up with lame ideas, sleeping on the job, not sticking up for myself, letting my friend or boyfriend off the hook?

If I were evaluated for each performance what would my boss say; what would I say about myself?

I realize that everyday is not an interview but perhaps we should approach every day as a new opportunity as if we were interviewing for the job. If we dressed for the part and acted the part we would be much more efficient than if we already knew we were “lifers”. Every once in awhile we need to come out of our comfort zone and reevaluate how we are doing.

Perhaps we should take the “as if” approach, as I’ve read in How to Enjoy Your Life and Your Job, by Dale Carnegie. In his book Carnegie writes a story of Professor Hans Vaihinger’s philosophy, “as if”. He said if you act “as if” you are interested in your job, it will tend to become true. Maybe we all need to act “as if” we are interviewing, “as if” our actions depended daily on our being hired or fired. Along with that we can also act “as if” we were happy and “as if” we had great ideas, and “as if” we were energized about work. That way at least some of the “as if” will come true.

It’s very easy to get into the routine of your day. Routines aren’t bad when they are productive but when it is just energy spent, then much is lost. Remember how energetic you were when you read the opening for your position, when you prepared your resume for your position, when you dressed and interviewed for your position, even the first months of your position. We all need to bottle THAT energy and drink upon it daily.

If we take a look back at where we came from perhaps we can look forward to where we want to go and how we want to get there. Hopefully we will all be so lucky to never hear the words, YOU’RE FIRED!!!!

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-Karen Connor

COATS Systems Sales Manager, a leading staffing software. More staffing articles are available at their site, Feel free to contact Karen directly; or 800.888.5894.