June 23, 2018

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7 Ways to Improve College Recruiting

Break Away from the Ordinary!

  1. Narrow the Field

    You want to do some college recruiting, So you get a list of the campuses in the area or region and run ads in their campus newspaper. Right? Well, first of all, as the age groups get younger, newspaper readership goes down. So maybe newspapers aren't the media of choice. Also, you'll fare much better if you narrow the number of campuses to enable the development of personal relationships between your company representatives and the appropriate deans, professors, and career placement personnel. Then, narrow the field one more time by targeting the majors that would best succeed at your organization.

  2. Distribute Flyers

    Many times, a recruiter's second choice is creating posters. But, if you've seen the bulletin boards on campus you'll realize that chances are good your poster will never be seen. Again, targeting is the key. Create flyers that can be distributed in high traffic areas for the majors that best fill your open positions. For example, if you're looking for electronic engineering majors, your flyers could be handed out in front of the School of Engineering Building.

  3. Sponsor an Activity

    In collecting information for campaign development, our creative group constantly hears from clients that their company wants to be perceived as "fun." Let's face it, no group wants to have more fun than college students do. So don't just say you're fun. Be fun. Co-sponsor an activity on campus with an appropriate group. For example, if you're targeting Pittsburgh-area nursing schools, try organizing a party in conjunction with the Chi Eta Phi sorority for student nurses at University of Pittsburgh. Forget the direct recruiting. This is for name recognition and developing your brand as "fun." When Career Day does roll around, guess which company they will see first?

  4. Bookstore Recruiting

    Career Days are nice. But you're simply part of the clutter. Break away by organizing your own event. Some campuses will sell a package for using their bookstore as a recruiting location. Not a bad idea. High traffic areas are always best for attracting the most attention. Everyone goes to the bookstore at some point in time. You can capture their attention through tables stocked with flyers, bag stuffers, direct recruiting on specified days, shelf talkers, and more.

  5. Use Alumni

    Your message on a flyer may be read and promptly thrown into the circular file. But print your recruitment message on something that has utility and the promotion will not only have staying power, but will become a great reinforcement for your branding efforts. For example, you might consider distributing bookmarks or pocket calendars. The prospects may use them in their everyday life. And the next time they're considering a job change, your telephone number will be staring them in the face.

  6. Interns or Co-ops

    Set up some an internship or work through a co-op program that supplies the talent you need. This is a great way to test the abilities of individual students. It's been our experience here that they make great rehires after graduation. You know their skills. They know your company. It's a win-win. But, be prepare to make the work a meaningful educational experience for the student. Otherwise, you could be shooting yourself in the foot.

  7. Send E-cards

We're finding it increasingly more acceptable by campus representatives to send them an e-card to distribute to specific majors. This is great because your target is narrow...your message is more exciting through technology...and you have the ability to link them directly to an online application or valuable information.

-Brad Petersen

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