May 25, 2018

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Staffing Services on a Budget

If you're a small business owner or manager, you may think that the services of a staffing agency are out of reach. Many companies, big, small, and in-between prefer to go it alone when it comes to filling their opening job positions. This tactic may work just fine - you could get lucky and hire a great employee - some of the time. But consider the true costs of going it alone:

Have you considered hidden advertising costs?

Classified newspaper advertising will set you back at least $200 per day, and posting your job on one of the big, national job boards will cost a minimum of $200 per position. This is not including the cost of your time and effort writing the ad, calling the newspaper, or posting online. Are you including the cost of your time when calculating your return on investment?

What is the value of your time?

Add to the advertising costs above the time it will take you to wade through the resume responses. Perhaps you can sort out the resumes with the misspellings and bad formatting relatively quickly, but you'll still need to spend a good amount of time culling through a stack of responses. Then you'll have to call the top candidates to screen them over the phone, find out if they're truly interested in the position, and if so, set interviews. Of course, interviewing takes time, and there's a good chance that not all your interviewees will even show up. If you find someone you like, you'll surely want to spend some more time checking their references, just to be safe.

This process takes a lot of time that you could have spent making money or handling a myriad of other human resources priorities. How much is your time worth? Multiply your hourly rate by the number of hours you've spent on the hiring process, and you may be alarmed.

Are you sacrificing quality?

If you're handling hiring all by your lonesome, or if your small human resources department is too bogged down with payroll and benefits tasks to recruit the best talent, you are sacrificing a lot. A quality hire will save and/or make you money over a low cost hire hands down. You will save time and money on training a well qualified hire, and your performance and productivity will be the better for it.

Staffing services on a budget, a division of Davidson Staffing, offers staffing services on a budget. OCjobSite is a local job board that's targeted to professional Orange County job seekers, and offers a full menu of A La Carte staffing services. We understand that full staffing services are out of reach for some businesses.

For likely less than the cost of doing all of the above, OCjobSite's recruiting team will handle some of your most time consuming hiring tasks for you. Whether you need assistance filtering resumes, performing phone screening, resume searching, skills testing, or reference checking, we can tailor our cost effective A La Carte services to your needs!

For more information on our A La Carte services, call 888-788-2828 or email Sue Davidson at

For those businesses needing the full staffing service, Davidson Staffing provides an array of staffing and recruiting solutions. Since 1987, Davidson Staffing has amassed an impressive track record of successful hires and loyal clients. We specialize in uncovering administrative/clerical, legal, and IT/technical talent. Our multiple locations throughout California serve Orange County, Los Angeles, San Diego, and San Francisco. Contact our Irvine headquarters at 949-955-3114.

-Sue Davidson

Founder and Chief Executive Officer and Top of Page

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