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Creating a Killer Staffing Website

Part 2 of 2

Here are 15 ways to tell if your website needs some work:

  1. Does it INSTANTLY tell people what you do?
  2. Does it send a STRONG message about your company?
  3. Does it send THE RIGHT message about your company?
  4. Does it COMPEL visitors to take action?
  5. Is it EASY to navigate?
  6. Does it RANK highly with search engines?
  7. Does it ATTRACT quality clients and candidates?
  8. Does it allow you to easily POST JOBS and ADD content?
  9. Does it help your sales people to SELL more effectively?
  10. Is it LOWERING your cost of recruiting?
  11. Does it keep visitors ENGAGED?
  12. Does it generate lots of REPEAT traffic?
  13. Does it include a STRONG call to action?
  14. Does it integrate with SOCIAL MEDIA?
  15. Is it more than 3 YEARS OLD?

The Five Elements of a Killer Staffing Website

  1. Content
  2. Functionality
  3. Design
  4. Conversion
  5. Promotion

Killer CONTENT. Content is the heart of your website. It's the information people want to know. It's what attracts them to your site, engages readers and keeps them coming back for more. Killer content is comprised of:

Great Information

  • How-to's
  • Market data
  • Statistics & charts
  • 1st person success stories
  • Great pictures
  • Facts, not marketing hype

Great Writing

  • Strong opinions
  • Loaded with personality
  • Irreverent humor
  • Sincerity
  • Clarity
  • It's NOT about you

Killer content clearly defines how you want to be seen, tells a compelling story, educates people about your services and adds value for your clients and prospects.


Functionality is what your website does--or more appropriately, what your website allows visitors to do. Killer functionality makes it easier to do business with you, reduces the cost of doing business, delivers a "WOW" customer experience and makes your site fun and memorable.

Here are a few examples of Killer Functionality:

Client Features

  1. Client extranet
    • Timesheet approval
    • Usage reports
    • Candidate feedback
    • Open JO status reporting
  2. Online ordering
    • Employee request
    • Sample job descriptions
  3. Staffing education
    • Strategic staffing how-to's
    • Sample forms and policies
    • HR & staffing best practices
  4. Market data
    • Salary data
    • nterviews with local / industry experts
  5. Interactive features
    • eNewsletter archive / opt-in
    • Blog HR / industry specific content
    • Local office information & maps

Candidate Features

  1. Candidate extranet
    • Online application/ update
    • Timesheet submission
    • Assignment orientation
    • Assignment feedback
  2. Job board
    • Searchable job postings
    • Job agents
    • Resume submission
  3. Testing&Training

  4. Job search counseling
    • Resume & itnterview tips
    • Career advice
    • Salary data
  5. Interactive features
    • eNewsletter archive/ opt-in
    • Blog - unique career content
    • Local office information & maps

Killer DESIGN.

The design of your website is more than just the graphics. It's also about the physical structure of your website. A well designed website is:

  • Easy to get around.
  • Allows access to any page with minimum clicks.
  • Visually captivating.
  • Uncluttered.

To create the design of your website, the first step is to determine how the pages will be organized. A simple wireframe diagram is the best place to start. It shows the layout of the pages within your site, and it can be annotated to show the development team where you want more advanced programming done and where to create internal page links.

Once the structure of your site is defined, then you can move on to the fun part of design the motif, or visual design. To develop a captivating visual design, we suggest that you first look at other sites.

  • Look at the leading staffing firms in your market.
  • Look at the leading staffing firms in the industry.
  • Look at the ASA VOICE award-winning websites.
  • Look at companies with BIG budgets to see how they use their websites.


Conversion is the art and science of turning website visitors into website responders. It may mean getting people to place an order or respond to a job opening. Or it may mean getting people to download a whitepaper, subscribe to a newsletter or just watch a video.

To design a killer website, you need to:

  1. Include compelling offers.
  2. Make sure every web page has a clear call to action.
  3. Make it easy to respond.
  4. Minimize distraction.

So what is a compelling offer? A compelling offer can be anything that has high perceived value for the people you are trying to reach. Ideally, it addresses the challenges and pain points of the prospects and candidates you serve.

Here are a few ideas for offers you might consider:

  • Great jobs openings
  • Unique referral bonus fees
  • Free information (articles, booklets, whitepapers, research reports, newsletters)
  • Free training
  • Discounts on your services or partner services
  • Resume critique
  • Salary benchmark

Of course, a great offer is not going to be effective if people don't know how to respond. When designing your website to maximize conversion, be sure to carefully evaluate:

Form design make response forms as simple as possible. Never ask for more information than you absolutely need. Also, be sure to include a phone number near all forms for people who would rather call.

Landing pages a landing page is a single web page designed to sell an offer. It presents the offer along with a response form. Sending someone to a landing page for an offer will get much more response than sending them to either your home page or contact us page. Whenever possible, try to create unique landing pages to go with each offer you present on your website.


Promotion refers to all the ways you get people to your website--and to specific landing pages within your site. While we will save website promotion for another Idea Club, here are a few things to consider when developing your promotional marketing strategy:

  • Sell your offers within your site.
  • Promote your offers on other websites.
  • Optimize your landing pages for search engines.
  • Maximize the value of social media.
  • Don't neglect offline marketing.

How Much Should I Spend?

The simple answer to this question is as much as it takes to meet your goals! A killer staffing website does not have to be extraordinarily expensive, but most staffing companies err on the other side of the equation. They don't budget enough to accomplish the results they want.

Think about it this way...

How much would you pay to get a new sales lead every week for the next 3 to 5 years?

How much would you save if you could eliminate paid job postings?

How much would you spend to double your sales productivity?

The value of a killer staffing website is measured in hundreds of thousands of dollars. Your investment will last for at least 3 to 5 years, and once it's built, the ongoing maintenance costs are very low. For some companies, an investment of a few thousand dollars will be sufficient. For others, it may take $30,000 or more.

- David Searns

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Just give us a call if you'd like to know more: 1-888-696-2900.

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