July 21, 2018

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Although we have tried other job boards, we have always kept Net-Temps as our main service!
After trying other unsuccessful job boards, we signed on with Net-Temps in 1997 and have been very pleased with your reliability, service and capacities. Although we have since tried other job boards, we have always kept Net-Temps as our main service. Your cross-posting, and resume bank has been so consistently superior, we recommend you to all our affiliate services.
L. Bennett

I love reading InFocus - excellent newsletter for recruiters!
I just wanted to say that your articles are always well written and informative. Your publication is the only one I really look forward to reading!
L. Quinby

Your Candidate Manager is a great help in my recruiting day!
Having the ability to organize the applications and resumes into folders the way you have the Candidate Manager setup is a huge help. It's easy for me to access information and stay focused on the best candidates. Thanks!
E. Winston

Your new resume search feature is outstanding!
I can't believe how fast your resume searching process is. I get the results I'm looking for in just seconds and the Boolean keywords help to really narrow my results. Thanks!
P. Lomar

I went from posting a single job to becoming a full Net-Temps member!
I was so impressed with the quality and volume of resumes I got after posting just one job, I decided to try your full services. Good move on my part! You make posting jobs really easy and I like having the flexibility of using either your quick search or power search to find candidates.
Rajiv M.

We really enjoy your articles - they are a big help in our recruiting work!
Just a quick note to tell you guys how much we enjoy the newsletter from Net Temps. The Articles are very informative and will definitely help a new recruiter and remind an established recruiter of do's and don'ts.
Jim Bouler
Clark Personnel

Your InFocus newsletter is outstanding!
I just wanted to tell you that I think this newsletter is excellent. It's very informative with a lot of practical information. Keep up the great work!
Dawn K.

I went from a trial to being a regular customer!
I took advantage of one of your introductory offers and after using the service for a few week, I was convinced this is the job board for me. I'mn finding new resumes and getting a very good response to our job postings.
Reggie Arnoff

Your newsletter is the one I always read (and save)!
Thanks a million for your help. I work in the recruiting industry, and I often share some of the insights and comments from your contributing authors and sources with my clients and the candidates I am working with. Having reliable resources and tools at your fingertips is important in any industry. I like the way you can also locate articles in the archive by subject matter. My manager is a big fan of Scott Love and I see his excellent contributions to your newsletters. Your customer service is great too!
Barbara B.

Excellent newsletter!
Very impressed with your InFocus newsletter archives. I have reprinted some to circulate among my staff.

Net-Temps: The Gift That Keeps on Giving.
It has been over a year since I was "in the business" and an active customer but I continue to receive and read your newsletters with great pleasure. They are almost all "meat" - excellent, useful, well written material. I get wonderful ideas to share with people in other businesses and friends who are job searching. My husband's company will be seeking employees soon, and guess where I'll be posting those jobs (and using all the good rules your newsletters remind me of?) You guys were great when you were new and I was one of your first customers years ago, and you are even greater now. Thank you!

The InFocus newsletter......
Great articles, thank you!
Judith Kalune
Technical Temps, Inc.

I get the best results of anywhere when I post my jobs on Net-Temps!
I've posted several single jobs at Net-Temps and the replies and resumes I get back are great. The candidates are usually well qualified and I like getting the responses directly to my mail. It doesn't cost me an arm and a leg either!
Michael Bell

As a new user - I'm very impressed!
I looked at all the major job boards, had their demo's and decided to go with Net-Temps. The Recruiting Center is very easy to use and the search results are yielding very good candidates. Thanks for making my decision the right one!
Jacob Westin

The Net-Temps reps are the best I've worked with!
As a long-time recruiter, I've worked with dozens of job board sales and service reps in the industry. I have to say that the people at Net-Temps are head and shoulders above the others. The level of product knowledge, their response time and friendliness are superb. It's a pleasure to work with such professionals.
Linda Knowlton

One demo and I was convinced!
I recently took a test drive of the Net-Temps service and was so impressed I immediately recommended that we go with it to my boss. So far our results have been fantastic and you can't beat the price for all of the services included.
Andrew Markham

Nice work on the new search agents feature!
I was really pleased to see that we now have the ability to put a search agent on hold if we want to. This is a perfect feature for us because we don't always need to receive resumes everyday for a particular agent. Thanks again!
Rhia Stands
Fullerton Staffing

I love the newsletter I get each week - thanks!
I've been reading your newsletter for years now and I have to say it's one of the few I get that I actually look forward to reading each week. Great job and keep up the good work!
Fran Shapiro
Stepping Technical, Inc.

The Net-Temps customer service team is top drawer!
I have always found the Net-Temps service representatives to be extremely helpful. They get back to me in a very timely manner and have the answers I need. Thanks again!
Dave Furnace
S.A.A Staffing

It's a pleasure with work with Net-Temps!
Having worked with all the major job boards, I have a real appreciation for Net-Temps' membership. You make posting jobs and searching the resume banks really easy and I've been pleased with the results I'm getting.
Andrea Cotter
Tampa-Tech Recruiting

Nice job Net-Temps on the new resume emailing feature!
I really like your new quick resume email feature that includes a custom subject line that has been added to the Recruiting Center.
C. Schaeffer

Excellent resume searching tools - nice work!
I really like having the ability to do a quick search or a power search for resumes. It saves me a lot of time depending on how detailed I want to get my results to be. Thanks!
Craig W.

Your newsletter articles are very informative and well written!
I get a lot of industry news and don't always read it. I will say though that I read your newsletter each week and am impressed with the topics and articles provided.
Jay Waxman

Posting jobs on Net-Temps couldn't be simpler. Nice job.
I've posted jobs on a lot of different sites on the Internet and you really make it very easy and straightforward. I don't have to waste a lot of time. The form and posting preferences simplify the process tremendously.
Annabelle Stiles

Thank you for a fine service!
Net-Temps is my primary recruiting service and I'm very impressed with the results I get from your resume bank and the people applying to my jobs.
Robert Wakefield

I've found great resumes with Net-Temps...thanks!
I've used the service now for almost a year and I've been able to find really great resumes. It makes my job that much easier!
G. Gilfin

Net-Temps is my best online recruiting site!
I've used both Monster and CareerBuilder in the past and I can tell you that Net-Temps gives me the best bang for the buck hands down! The services you provide and the good results I've been getting on a consistent basis make staying with Net-Temps an easy decision!
Mike Scoletti

Net-Temps' customer service is great!
Kudos to your customer service group. They are always able to help me out when I have questions and are courteous and friendly. You don't always get that kind of response! Thank again.
Melinda S.

Just a note of thanks for the great articles!
This is by far the best source of topics for the human resources industry. I use the tips all the time. I like stories about getting the best out of the employees. Keep up the great work!

The flexibility Net-Temps offers in job postings is incredible!
I've worked with all the major job boards and Net-Temps definitely has offered me the most flexibility in my job postings. I love that I can update and refresh jobs for free and the job slots concept is perfect for my needs. Thanks!
Erica Huff

I love getting your periodic mailings about the latest staffing news!
It's so important for me to stay current on what's happening in our industry - that's why I look forward to your correspondence. It's always on topic and the info is current.
Bradley Jameison

The Personal Resume Bank is a great help to me!
I'm getting so many resumes now that being able to store the ones I am most interested in really helps keep me organized. I love being able to create alerts and add notes. Good job!
Kate Allerton

I love getting the InFocus newsletter! Great Articles!
Each week I look forward to reading the Net-Temps newsletter. The articles are well written, timely and on topic.
Mark Swaide, Action Staffing

I am very pleased with the results I'm getting from your service!
I'm a new Net-Temps user and I have to tell you that so far I'm impressed with the resumes I'm getting back and how easy it is to post jobs.
David Shoemaker

Thank you Net-Temps for the great articles in InFocus!
Valuable articles ... I'm going to pass these on to some of my clients.
Judith Kalune, Technical Temps

Tell your editorial staff to keep up the good work!
I would like to compliment you and your staff on your excellent newsletter. I receive 8-10 newsletters a week specifically geared to the recruiting industry and yours is by far the best one in terms of useful, practical information and insights into the recruiting profession. Tell your Editorial Staff to keep up the good work!
Jim Clark, Certified Senior Account Manager, MRI/SC Scottsdale, AZ

The excellent candidates and level of service are why we use Net-Temps!
Euro Systems Int'l, an IT recruitment company, has been using Net-Temps for years in both their New York City and Connecticut offices. The high volume of appropriate candidates as well as the excellent and immediate customer service are the main reasons we continue to use Net-Temps services.
Dorothy Gianotti, Director, Human Resources, Euro Systems Int'l

I'm impressed with the level of service Net-Temps provides its customers!
As a long-time Net-Temps customer, I have come to rely on the prompt and reliable support that we receive whenever we have a question or need assistance.
Jackie Forester

The resumes I find on Net-Temps are top quality!
Of the job boards I have subscribed to, Net-Temps has consistently provided us with more qualified resumes per posting! Thank you Net-Temps for your great service!
Ward DeMarco, Recruit Now

Navigating on Net-Temps is a breeze!
I really like how easy Net-Temps makes posting jobs and searching for resumes. I am able to get my job done more efficiently!
Debbie Hunt, Hunt2Hire

I look forward to getting the newsletters every week!
I just wanted to let you know that your site is so informative- I look forward to getting the newsletters every week and find myself constantly forwarding articles onto my peers. Every week there seems to be a subject or situation that I find myself relating to. Thank you again!
Tracey Mellow, Recruiter-Mentor 4, Inc.

Your site is very user friendly - keep up the good work!
I just wanted to let you all know that I like the new way you have the Recruiters Desktop set up with the logo and the way I can see address and email info. I think what you've done is great! Keep up the good work. Plus, your site is very user friendly!
Courtney D. Bell, Adecco

Nice job on the newsletters Net-Temps!
High praise for your newsletter! It contains a LOT of important, interesting, and useful information. Congratulations!
Al Rossi, The Principal Group LLC

Thanks for doing a great job!
I just wanted you all to know that I have been an HR professional for many years, and I've read hundreds (if not thousands) of newsletters.This newsletter of yours is one of the most informative, well-written, well-edited and appropriate (subject-matter-wise) of most publications I've read and certainly the best of all e-newsletters that I currently receive. Thanks for doing a great job.
D. Navarette

The service is marvelous!
Frankly speaking we all were in a myth that there is no site that can compete with, but you have proved everything wrong.
Sushant Ajmani, Associate Business Development, Cogniant Inc.

If I had to choose just one service, Net-Temps would be it!
I have been a Net-Temps customer for quite a few years and was the first service I ever subscribed to. In the years since, I've added other companies to that roster, and subtracted many, but you are always there. In fact, if I had to choose only one from among the several services I subscribe to, you'd be it, no contest. Why? You perform, and you strive. You do a phenomenal job of broadcasting the jobs I post, and it is a generous package of postings - a really good value for the money. You keep your customers well informed, and you ask us for feedback. Better yet, you listen to it! Also, I must add that from the beginning, your customer service has been exemplary and as impossible as it sounds, it, too, continues to improve.
Roz McKinnon, FMK Staffing Services

Net-Temps is our number one recruiting site!
This is the reason why Net-Temps is our number one recruiting site in our office. Not only do we achieve outstanding recruiting results from your site, but the customer service is absolutely top-notch. Your efforts are well appreciated.
Dan Sepe, Recruiting Manager, Express Personnel Services

Innovative Staffing has been a loyal customer to Net-Temps since 1998!
With our constantly-changing Internet and technical world, Net-Temps has managed to continuously provide outstanding services to us as our "world wide web" partner, further enabling our firm to systematically seek out professionals, attract new candidates, and establish networks linking our services to hundreds of thousands of potential employers and employees which ultimately aids in our success. Most importantly, Net-Temps has managed to maintain their web services and technical efficiency while keeping their costs reasonable and competitive.

Peter W. Ransom, Innovative Staffing Services, Inc.

Net-Temps has supplied me with about 70% of my placements!
I wanted to thank Net-Temps once again for a fantastic job you are doing. You make it simple and easy to use your service and it has supplied me with about 70% of my placements over the past 5 years. Out of all the websites we have paid for in the past, I must say that Net-Temps stands out the most. It provides me with a quick access of available Contractors and Permanent candidates for my clients. Whether I'm looking for local talent or someone looking to re-locate to our area,
Net-Temps seems to come through while others do not. Keep up the good work. You're one service company that I can count on!
Rowan K. Whitaker, Sigman & Summerfield

Nothing but 'thank you' for the great product and services.
Everything is going very well with our Net-Temps account. The job postings are drawing a very good response and the resume searches are very, very rewarding thus far. Very happy with the newsletters and recruiter desktop functions. Nothing but "thank you" for the great product and services.
Michael Bellavia, President NTSA New Jersey Chapter / NTSA Board of Directors 2002-05/Technical M anager, OMNE Staffing, Inc.

I know it was the right move to make when we signed on with Net-Temps!
I appreciate the extra boost our agency has had from our subscription to the Net-Temps service. We are finding 20+ solid candidates each day. I cannot remember one instance when the website was down or was having technical difficulties. On the one occasion I had to call my Customer Service rep for help, he was informative and helped me right away.
Bernice A. Kaiser, Snelling Personnel Services